Bylaws of Organization


Art.1 (Designation)

The designation of the Committee in English is the Editorial Committee of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery (ATCS).

Art. 2 (Executive Office)

The executive office of the Committee is located in Minato-ku, Tokyo.

Art. 3 (Objective)

The objective of the Committee is to acknowledge the research results for thoracic and cardiovascular surgery both in Japan and worldwide and disseminate these to the world.

Art. 4 (Business)

To achieve the goal in the preceding article, the Committee carries out the following business:

  1. Publication of Annals of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
  2. Other business required for the purpose of achieving the objective set forth in the preceding article.

Art. 5 (Organization)

The Committee consists of editorial committee members recommended (appointed) from the Editorial Committee.

Art. 6 (Editorial Committee Members)

The Committee has the following editorial committee members.

  1. Editorial committee chairman: 1 person
  2. Editorial committee members: a few persons

Art. 7 (Election of Editorial Committee Chairman)

The editorial committee chairman is elected by the committee members.

Art. 8 (Duties of Editorial Committee Members)

  1. The editorial committee chairman represents the Committee and chairs the meetings held by the Committee. He also audits the Committee’s assets as well as performance of operations by the members.
  2. The editorial committee members provide assistance to the committee chairman and take the duty of the chairman in case he/she suffers an accident.

Art. 9 (Compensation)

The members of the Committee do not receive any compensation. Nevertheless, office expenses can be defrayed.

Art. 10 (Meeting)

Meetings of the Committee are attended by the editorial committee members in order to discuss matters regarding job performance of the Committee. The committee chairperson chairs the meeting.

Art. 11 (Cash Budgeting and Balance Settling)

Cash budgeting and balance settling for the Committee is audited by the committee chairman with the approval of the Committee.

Art. 12 (Fiscal Year)

The fiscal year of the Committee starts on April 1st of each year and ends on March 31st of the following year.

Art. 13 (Membership)

  1. Individuals or groups can become members provided they agree with and support the objective of the committee.
  2. Other necessary matters regarding membership will be decided separately upon discussion in the Committee meetings.

Art. 14 (Change in Regulations)

The present regulations cannot be changed unless a resolution is passed with more than half of the votes at the Committee meeting.

Art. 15 (Dissolution)

The Committee cannot be dissolved unless a resolution is passed with more than three quarters of the votes at the Committee meetings.
The assets following resolution are donated to a non-profit organization which conducts a similar business as the Committee.